Monday, July 25, 2011

Claire Stack

I saw God on this trip in my brothers and sisters in Christ whom I had the pleasure of spending the week with. When they worshipped, served, prayed, encouraged, they did it with their whole heart. One night, we did an exercise as directed by the AIM staff where all the adult leaders got in a circle and the youth got in a circle around them and laid hands on them. Every one of us simultaneously, and out loud, prayed for the leader closest to us. It was amazing to hear the selfless, encouraging prayers coming from the mouths of every single youth. Then the leaders turned around and prayed for us. I have never been so moved by God as I was by the prayer that Steve said over me and the people near me. God showed me that night how much he loved me by surrounding me with 80 people who love the Lord fully and fearlessly.

I have been on several missions trips and FCWCs, but never have I experienced a group as close and as on fire for God as this one. Each person there blessed me more than they'll ever know.

Claire Stack

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