Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lisa Brice

On Monday, July 4th, our team was scheduled to go Under the Bridge in the morning and then do a Prayer Walk after lunch, the experience that stood out to me though was how God used our tired bodies to do great works. Before we set out to walk the streets we broke into two groups of seven and planned to meet back at the van at 3:30. My team decided to walk around aimlessly so that God would tell us where he wanted us to be and it worked. We ended up walking outside of the neighborhood of Treme and into the French Quarter where we happened upon a park under renovation. This was towards the end of our walk and we needed something to cool down but on our way to the fountain I met a woman named Sonya. At first she did not want to talk with me or pray with me at all but the Holy Spirit moved in her and allowed for me to talk and get to know her. I found out that she was a teacher in Japan just south of Tokyo, she was from Los Angeles and she wanted prayer for her students and the health of her loved ones. As a bit of backstory the people we had met thus far were uninterested in prayer or would not even talk to us, so to have her want to talk with us and at the end of the prayer hug us because we wanted to talk and listen meant a lot to me, and it really showed God's faithfulness in our trip and our lives.

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