Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maggie Lockhart's Story

You know, I truly saw God working through everyone on this trip. It's difficult for me to choose one amazing moment when there were SO MANY awesome moments!
My favorite day was Wednesday. My team, TEAM BOMB-DIGGITY, was going to go on a prayer walk in the morning then go to the riverwalk in the afternoon. After a rough
start to the week, I was ready for God to really use me, but I didn't know how he was going to do that. Most people in youth group know that I have such a passion for music and that's when I feel closest to God. Well, I didn't have my mandolin or guitar with me... so I was a little bummed. I wasn't sure how God was going to use me to connect to these people but, God sure does work in crazy ways!

After the prayer walk, which was stellar, we stopped at Johnny's Po Boys for lunch! SO GOOD. However, during lunch it was raining cats and dogs outside! We weren't sure what we were going to do because our next ministry was outside. So, we sat outside the restaurant and prayed to God about what we should do, where we should go. As soon as we started to pray... the rain stopped. That was awesome thing number one. Awesome thing number two, was that everyone agreed that we should still go to the riverwalk! So, we did! We split into groups of three to go hand out water bottles. Me, Adam, and Donna after maybe 30 seconds of walking around came across a man named Chuck. He was sitting on a bench just hanging out and I looked down and saw that he had a guitar with him. Adam asked, "Hey man, you play guitar?" and Chuck answered, "Oh yeah, just a little." So I mentioned to him that I played a little bit myself and before I knew it, he handed over the guitar asking me to play him something. At first I was reluctant... I mean this wasn't my guitar and I didn't know what type of music he liked. So, I just started to play and he just talked and talked and talked. He told us about where he came from, what he was doing. He knew little facts about
everything. Then, he took over the music and boy, could he play that guitar! He played and played that guitar. Singing and everything. That was awesome thing number three. Number four was when a couple other teamates came over and started singing with us. Eventually our entire team was singing around a bench to christian music, in the middle of the park, not even caring that people were staring at us and judging us. Chuck and a few of his buddies seemed to be having a really good time. Everyone was so happy and God just felt so alive within our group. Through every smile, through every song, through every word, God was there. Chuck inspired me in so many ways to just sing and play from the heart. "...and that's where the true music comes from, from your heart and soul." I'll never forget him or that moment. God is so good.

Pslam 96: 1-2
" Sing to the Lord a new song;
sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, praise his name;
proclaim his salvation day after day."

-Maggie Lockhart

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