Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cultural Day and Reflections

Today began the same as every other day: wake up, breakfast, and in the vans by 8:00. We drove to the church and took some time to do our devos (and sleep). After our devos were done Pastor Ed talked to us about the importance of prayer. The spirit lead him to have us do something a little different than our usual prayer walk. We walked around the New Community Church (NCC) and prayed for it. It was an amazing experience. I could really feel the spirit moving through us. We did that for an hour and a half. This will be something I remember for the rest of my life. When we had finished we got into our vans and headed down town. Chicago is such a beautiful city. The beaches and the lake were so amazing. After driving in circles to find a parking spot we ate Lou Malnati's. The youth from NCC came with us. The pizza was delicious. It was real Chicago style deep dish. After saying goodbye to our new friends from the NCC youth group we got in our vans and went to the Shedd Aquarium. It was a lot of fun. We got to see a show with beluga whales, dolphins, a sea lion, and a rescue dog. The show was great. The aquarium closed and we headed to the Navy Pier for eating, shopping, and fun. We all had a great time. Most of us ended it off with amazing Hagan Dazs ice cream. At 9 we headed back to the hotel. We ended off the week by playing cards and talking.

Our youth group has become so united over the past week. God has shaped us and formed us. He has aligned our will with his. This trip, as every trip has changed all of us. God has again turned the table by changing us when we expected to help others. We have been so blessed to be on this trip. I thank God for what he has done through us and in us. I also thank him for giving us our adult leaders. They are indispensable and true gifts from God. Thank you parents for supporting us, loving us, and praying for us. We all love you.

Our hope is in Christ alone!

In HIS name,
                           Alex King

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