Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hey everyone! Today was another awesome day and we had a great time doing God's work in Dolton!

This morning we went on prayer walks through steets surronding the church and met some pretty intereseting people.  One person I had the good fortune to meet was a man named Chris who turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness.  We talked with him for a good deal of time and ended up talking about everything from the great flood to the trinity and even creation.  Unfortunately we did have to return to the church so we said goodbye and hopped back in our vans.

Once all the teams had returned from their prayer walks, they turned back around and headed out to their respective service projects.  The group I was with actually finished their house ahead of schedule so we joined forces with another team that had a little more work to do.  Soon after we pulled in to the second worksite, a woman from the town's Public Work's Department drove by to check on our progress.  She had driven by the site earlier in the week and when she saw the amount of work we had put in, she was overcome with emotion!  Multiple times she almost succumbed to tears which showed us how much are work means to this city which is always a blessing.

In the evening the bible and sports camps were put on and were a huge success!  The kids that were part of the bible camps really started to open up and show a genuine interest in what we had to say which is truly God working in the kids.  In the 3 on 3 basketball tournament Browncroft had a good showing and put on a good show!  It is amazing to see how strong relationships can be formed just from simply playing a game that     has been around for generations.  After finishing up the tournament and the community kick-ball game we went back to New Community Church to worship, relax, and just reflect on a day of hard work.

As we get ready for our last day of ministry here in Dolton I ask that you would pray for energy for our team and also a sense of urgency to reach the kids we minister too as it will be our last time seeing most of them.  Thank you for praying for us the entire week and we can't wait to share our stories when we return!


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  1. Been following your blog all week and it is such an encouragement to all of us! Praise God for all He is doing in you all and through you!!!