Thursday, July 6, 2017

Best Day Ever? Day 3

Hey guys, it's Kevin and Ezra here, today we'll be talking about what we did during day three of our fabulous adventure.
It's Ezra, today we drove over to Greydale Farms which is about 10 minutes away from the church, we spent our day helping Brittany who is the site coordinator at their farming initiative which is focused on modeling renewable farming operations for suburban areas with the goal of reaching out to the disenfranchised youth. For the most part we helped her clear wood and create self-tilling mounds.
What's up y'all, it's Kevbot again. Yesterday my group went to a nice small self sustaining farm that is and I quote "the Largest raised bed garden in the world." We helped pull weeds to save the kale that was growing there, I never knew so many different kinds of weeds existed. One cool thing that happened was we met another group that was helping out at the farm too, we had a slight mix up with Rochester NY, and Rochester MI, but other than that, all was well.
Our night life has been very exciting during this trip, we've done many things. Last night we went out for dinner at a pizza parlor called PizzaPapalis, where Ezra and I each crushed 6 deep dish pieces of heaven. After we all ate our pizza, we proceeded to head into the city to wander. Somehow I found myself sucked into a chess game, with a man named Ronnie. At first I thought he was a hustler because he asked for $5 up front, but as we began to play, I realized he was anything but that. Ronnie proceeded to whoop me in no more than 10 moves. We played another game which I lasted longer in, but made some mistakes which he capitalized on, and ended up beating me again, it was a very humbling experience. After the chess games we started talking to him about what he was doing in the park and learned that he played chess to make money for a living. We then found ourselves locked in deep and philosophical conversation about why we were in Detroit, the state of the city, and of course, sports. He was very knowledgable in the area of sports, and was very interested to hear about the work that we were doing in Detroit. We talked about the city and what it must have been like in its prime, and how it had deteriorated and the slow climb back to its roots. Where was Josh this whole time? Why he was getting a ticket to the Tigers and Giants game... for free! He ended up not going and found us in the park, at which point we had started to wrap up our conversation with Ronnie and wish him the best of luck in wherever life would take him.
On the way we mysteriously "missed" our exit, and found ourselves in a Wendy's drive thru to get Frosty's. By this time our bones were aching and our heads drooping, we finally made our way back to the church and like the night before Christmas, all through the house, there was not a sound, not even a mouse.
In short, while the work that we do at the farms is important, it is very fulfilling to minister and meet the cistizens of Detroit, to learn from and speak into their lives about the love of God and their love for their city.


  1. Wonderful to hear your stories about the work you are doing both physically and spiritually in sharing the Gospel. I especially appreciate the different voices from the youth, especially Kevbot! Pray that you all continue to be vessels for the Holy Spirit in spreading the Love of Jesus!

  2. Love reading these stories and seeing the pics Mike has posted on facebook. God is definitely using you all to share his Love. Praying for you all to stay strong as you finish out your week. Thank you all for sharing. Love ya Elizabeth and Daniel.

  3. haha "mysteriously missed the exit"! What a cool opportunity to not only minister in the work that you're all doing, but in the free time as well. Thanks for being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and striking up conversations! What an invaluable gift to have met and chatted with Ronnie, and no doubt an encouragement to him as well. Praying for you guys and looking forward to hearing more!

  4. Keep up the good work guys AND Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!
    Love mom dad and derek