Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 5!!!

Hey guys it's Daniel,  the youngest on the trip and i get the pleasure to talk about our day at cedar point.
 So today we took a short two hour drive to get to cedar point which went by quick, which was very nice.  Once we got there we got our tickets and split into a few different groups and i was in a group with a few other students who had a blast. We started the day with a few roller coasters and a couple other rides which we all enjoyed very much. Then later we went out to dinner at johnny rockets where we met a very nice girl named Pavlina who was really nice to us and made it an enjoyable dinner, and we gave her a very nice tip which she refused but we insisted she take it and she eventually did.
Then we went on more rides which were all a lot of fun, and we kept doing them over and over cause they were that much fun, and we had a lot of time. My group that i was in ended up staying till the park  until it closed which aloud us to do all the rides we wanted, and we ended the night with going on the one ride called the Millennium force about four to five times in a row, which was quite exhausting but it was a lot of fun.

So over all this trip was a lot of fun and i couldn't have asked for a better group to do it with, and i'm going to miss all of the seniors that went on the trip very dearly but i know that god will protect them and keep them safe through all of life that god has planned for them. It was very humbling and a lot of fun to go on this missions trip and i'm sad to say goodbye but unfortunately i have to.

Your student, Daniel

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