Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Detroit Day 2/July 4th

A difficult wake-up after yesterday's hard work, we all gathered together for our second day of breakfast here at St. Timothy's. While fatigue may have set deep within our bones, we were blessed to have a shorter work day due to the 4th of July. All of us were designated to work at the Michigan United Farming Initiative (MUFI), a non-profit dedicated to growing crops for the community and promoting sustainable living. There we met Tyson, the head of the initiative, and Jack, an intern currently working on the farm.
During our shortened time, we worked to uproot weeds, plant new crops, and water surrounding ones as needed. Working separately on these tasks, we eventually all came together to help plant ornamental grass along a fence by a recently acquired house meant for future interns. After wiping the sweat off our brows and dusting ourselves off, we broke for lunch. Sitting on various benches, we discussed our next course of action.
After finishing up, we thanked Tyson and Jack for giving us work to do and being so gracious with everything. Packing into our vans, we set out to visit an African bead/art museum. With exhibits entirely outside, we walked around, taking in all that it had to offer. The main attraction was the mural on both a giant house and a wall behind it. On it, shards of mirrors were plastered alongside other materials to create an enormous glittering exposition. Afterwards, we visited a gift shop full of beads and other pieces of jewelry, which some of the students bought.
Unfortunately, we realized that because it was the 4th of July, we would not be able to take a shower at a recreational center or a YMCA. However, the staff and adult leaders found a way to get us all wet and have a lot of fun. Shouting about some sort of surprise in the parking lot, we all hobbled over, only having just woken up from our naps, only to find a bucket full of water balloons in the middle of the lot. You can probably figure out what happened from there.
After we all dried off, we ate dinner and went through our Large Group Gathering a little earlier and a little quicker because we were all going to the beach! Situated on Belle Isle, it wasn't quite the sprawling beaches you see on T.V, but it was definitely enough for us. When we got there, a lot of people were already there for their own 4th of July celebrations. We got right to it, building sand castles and jumping into the water. Fireworks greeted us as it got darker, lighting up the sky as the sun set.
While today might have been a short work day, it was in no way a lack of things to do. God has really made sure that we have so much to do, making sure we don't get too complacent, while at the same time giving us time to rejuvenate and prepare for what's coming next.

Hoping for good things in today's work, gotta wrap this up so I can get to my devos.
Keep praying for us!
-David Kim


  1. What a great day! Thanks for writing David!

  2. Hey Everyone! We will post today's events tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

    1. PS - Please feel free to post comments! We love hearing from you guys!

  3. Love to hear the work you do today will grow and help others for weeks to come!! praying for you all!!!!

  4. Sounds like good honest hard work! Thank you for sharing. We are praying for a strong finish and for each of you to see God in all that you are experiencing.