Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Estamos en Lima

We made it into Lima yesterday and spent our last day in ministry.  We joined the Alianza Cristiana Misionera for fellowship last night and several of the students sang, rapped, and did a skit.  Jessie and David tore up the mic with an amazing rendition of ¨Got Paper¨ along with team INCA.  Two performers surprised me last night, because I didn´t know they sang:  Andrew Fortney and Molly Luger.  I gave a gospel presentation last night and heard about several great conversations that followed.  All in All it was a great end to the ministry portion of our trip.  Today we are going to go out in style, in a double decker bus, to go sight seeing.  We are going to the catacombs which is what I am most excited to see and than to the Inca Market.

The students are doing well with the exception of some stomach junk and that virus that is going around.  Praise the Lord for Nancy and her hard work on this trip.  We will spend the next two days living it up in Lima and then we will board a plane to Newark.

Prayer Requests:

1.  Pray for continued health.
2.  Pray for life change in the students after having spent a whole week in ministry.
3.  Pray for life change in the leaders.
4.  Pray that Browncroft would leave and indelible mark on Peru that reflects the love of Christ.
5.  Pray that the Peruvians we came into contact with would have a different picture of what American culture looks like.

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  1. Lord we lift all of your ambassadors up to You as they prepare to return home to us, and Pray that You bring them home safely . We Praise and Thank You for answered prayer...PTL..Grandma M