Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Johnstown Trip - Day 3 (Monday)

Hey everyone! today was our first full day here in Johnstown and it has already been absolutely amazing! Sunday night they cranked the air conditioning and all of us woke up freezing this morning. After we ate breakfast we did our "war cry" to get pumped up for the day and we headed out to New Day family center for a brief training and guidelines then one team (30 feet deep) stayed near the New Day Center to go inviting and the other team (Roc Salvation) went to the west end to go inviting. Both teams walked around their areas for about an hour and a half inviting everyone we saw to our basketball camps. After we went back to the church we're staying at, and had lunch and had some time to relax which we were ALL looking forward to. Then we split into our teams again and went to our Adventure camp locations to invite people to the camp. The adventure camp is like a VBS for kids in the surrounding communities. We invited for about another hour and a half and met so many more amazing people. Then we came back to the church and had a delicious dinner and then we headed off to A GOAT FARM!!! We met the most amazing woman named Dorthy who is an amazing woman of God and had some cool stories. All of us did different jobs, some of us painted boards or the garage, some built a fence, some even cleaned manure out of the barn, and many other jobs. It was an amazing experience to hear Dorthy's stories and she was so happy at the end of the night for all the work that we did. Of course we got to see goats which was pretty awesome. There was even a horse which made me feel right at home, which i loved. Then we all came back for our debrief session, a dance party! and some much needed sleep. I'm so happy to be here in Johnstown and I cant wait to see all the even more amazing things God is going to do through us in this community. Please be praying for our continued safety and that God would bring us lots of kids in the next coming days. Thanks for the prayers and support!

Stephanie DeHond


  1. Thanks for the update! It brings me so much joy and excitement to see you all serving the Lord. Hearing about all the stories and how God is working through each and every one of you to share his love is awesome. Praying that God will continue to keep you guys safe, open the hearts of those you will be talking to, and that you will see God work in your own lives through this trip. Keep up the great work Team PA! Miss you all!

  2. Alicia EisenhartJuly 3, 2012 at 11:21 PM

    What a great blessing to be able to serve the Lord while cleaning manure:)!!! It sounds like Dorothy was given an abundance of love, support and much needed help by a great group of teens!! We are praying in NY that all continues to go well, and that kids are led to come to the adventure camp. Keep up the great work - we are proud you all for giving your time and energy to serve the Lord!!!

  3. It sounds like u guys had a great first day and we loved to hear about how the Lord is using u already! I'm reminded of that verse Colossians 3:17," and whatever u do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him"... And that includes scooping maneur!! Tim and I will continue to pray that those u invited will come to camp and u can continue to show them the love of Christ! Praying too for energy and health for leaders and students! Kim R.