Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Student Blog - Pt. 2

The first half of the mission trip has been more amazing than I ever thought it would be.  God has been working in us and through us in ways that are completely indescribable.  A couple of days ago I was given the opportunity to go to Sister Rosa's AIDS experience that I will NEVER forget.  When we arrived at her home, there were little kids running around outside waving at us and I could immediately tell that God was going to shine through us while we spent time with the kids.  The pure joy that was radiating from the children (who had next to nothing by the way) truly humbled me and made me think about everything I take for granted.  We played volleyball in the street with a group of girls for while and I wondered how that really was going to make their day better.  I came to find out that we were the first people to play with them and pay attention to them in a very long time.  They were practically in tears when we had to pack up our vans and leave and I wish we could have done more for them.  I was also able to play catch with a very young boy named Arno, who was so precious and thankful that my friends and I were spending time with him.  He'll never know how much of an impact his contentment with having so little had on me.  I'm so glad I am on this mission trip and I can't wait to see what else God has in store for us.

Rachel Theodorou

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  1. Rachel, scripture says what you do for the least of your brothers, you do forChrist, and you truly are living this word,and are pleasing to the Lord...Thanks for the update...continuing to pray for all of you...PTL..Grandma M