Monday, July 2, 2012

Johnstown Trip - Our first Blog!

Hey everyone!
I apologize that it has taken so long to get this up and running.  Hopefully we will have a good connection from here on out.  

We arrived at Geneva College on Saturday at 3:30 and had just enough time to get our rooms, drop off our stuff and jump back into the car to go to the Ropes Course!  What an awesome night for our group.  We did a few different types of warmup games to get us warmed up (and sweaty).  Our first initiative was to get our group in birthday order on a series of 9 slightly unstable logs.  the only catch was that if anyone fell off of the log while we were doing this, we had to start all over.  
It was a fantastic time of seeing our students work together, listen to and encourage each other.  After a few falls, we were successful!  We did a few more similar initiatives and ended our night back at our rooms with pizza and a time of worship.  What a great way to begin our week!  I have heard a lot of positive feedback from our team who feel a lot closer to one another as we start our week of ministry!


DAY 2  
Today, Sunday, We woke up at Geneva College, and we had a wonderful breakfast of bagels and left over pizza. We packed and headed twords church. The church is called, North Way. It is like a giant version of Browncroft, blue roof and everything. After a great worship service and a sermon on Nehemiah 9, we headed to Johnstown. On our way we stopped at Chipoltle. After a filling lunch, we drove the last 2 hours to Johnstown. In Donna's car we recorded a lip dubed version of  "Jesus Music" and at the same time we went through a toll booth.
At last we pulled into the Crucified Ministries parking lot. The guys are staying in the corner of the basement where we eat and worship. The girls are staying up stairs in the sanctuary (some on pews). The facilities are nice. There are two showers for each gender. and plenty of bathroom space (for the seven guys anyway). The bulding we are in has a service for youth in the community every Sunday at 7. We heard a wonderful testimony of a couple that split up after 19 years of marriage and thanks to Jesus, they are both saved and have had a wonderful last 10 years. After the service, we went down stairs for some more worship and to do devos. The day finished peacefuly after the long car ride and quite a few games of ping-pong ( Robby ruled ).


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