Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Students Blog!

Hi Everyone!

A bijillion miles south of where you are at this moment the Peru team is having a blast! Our team (Andrea and Paul) spent Monday and Tuesday teaching at the Montessori school to kids around our age.  The students spoke very good English and we thought it was very easy for the non-Spanish speakers to interact and build relationships.  When our team found out we were going to the Robert Fuller school on Wednesday and Thursday we were a little disappointed.  The kids we taught spoke little to no English and our team spoke little to no Spanish.  However, when we arrived at Robert Fuller on Wednesday morning (bright and early) both of us were blown away by what happened:  God broke through the language barrier the second we walked into the classroom and words no longer seemed to matter.  We were able to show God's love through our actions.  When we left the classrooms we were overwhelmed by the impact we had on the kids.  It seemed like there was always a child in our arms.  It was amazing how quickly relationships were built, when we could only write one word "hola."  This is only one example of how God has erased the fear we had in our hearts.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.  It has made this trip possible.  Not only have they impacted the lives of the children and people of Piura, Peru; it has also impacted our lives.

Kisses on the cheeks heading your way!

Jenna & Linnea

P.S.  Please don't plan on any meals consisting of rice, potatoes, chicken, or purple soda for the first several days we're back.  Only good-ole American food would be great!  Gracias!


  1. What a wonderful and faith building report. You have shown all of us how trusting The Lord even when you are fearful results in love and blessings for the giver as well as the receiver. Will continue to hold you all in prayer...PTL..Grandma M

  2. What an awesome report! God bless your hearts and order your days. Praying for all y'all down South! Peace, Hope and Love. Pamela